Disease prevalence in population. The proportion of a birth cohort that will get disease in their lifetime.
Heritability of liability. The proportion of variation in phenotypic liability attributed to additive genetic effects.
Increased risk of disease in siblings of affected relatives. We assume that this increased risk reflects only shared genetic risk. Max risk constrained to have \(h^2_L \leq 1\). (as per equation 1 in the original publication.)


AUC estimated by user from genetic risk score predicting case-control status. If not provided \(h^2_{L_{[x]}}\), \(\rho_{\hat{G}G}\), \(\lambda_{s_{[x]}}\) and \(\frac{ \lambda_{s_{[x]}} - 1 }{ \lambda_{s} - 1 }\) are not calculated.

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Wray NR, Yang J, Goddard ME, Visscher PM The Genetic Interpretation of Area under the ROC Curve in Genomic Profiling. PLoS Genet 2010